LABTRON – Amino Acid Analyzer LAAA-A12

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Thương hiệu : LABTRON – ANH

LIÊN HỆ MUA HÀNG : 02866525193

Amino Acid Analyzer LAAA-A12 is an automatic unit comprised with host and post-column derivatization system, is divided into hydrolyzed protein analysis system (sodium salt) and physiological body fluid analysis system (lithium salt). Features autosampler with built-in ammonia removal system, offers loop sampling and variable sampling modes with 1 to 500 µl of injection volume, and UV detector with aberration concave diffraction grating spectroscopy and 190 to 800 nm of detection wavelength. Designed with Quaternary low-pressure gradient pump with 0.001to 10 ml/min of flow rate and built-in 4-channel online vacuum degassing machine, and chromatography workstation, has ninhydrin post-column derivatization method with RT to 150°C of temperature range and gradient heating program.

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