LABTRON – máy hấp tiệt trùng 220 Lít, model LEOS-A12

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LABTRON – Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer LEOS-A12

Thương hiệu : LABTRON – ANH

LIÊN HỆ MUA HÀNG : 0286652519

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer LEOS-A12 is a vertical, constant temperature heating box type sterilizer cabinet with manual door opening offers 220 L of capacity, 50 ℃ sterilization temperature, -60 kPa work pressure. Sterilization room material is made of 304 anti-corrosion type stainless steel, and outer box material is of carbon steel (thickness1.8 mm) baked plastic powder with electric heating method having automatic ventilation with 30 mins interval once. Built-in temperature; humidity; pressure sensor with automatic control system ensures stability, efficiency and quality. Digital LCD screen shows temperature, humidity, pressure, sterilization time, residual treatment time, the number of times. Built-in printer prints the whole process of sterilization information for recording and verification check. Explosion-proof electric heating device with over-voltage and over-temperature protection, residual air automatic processing system, reliable operations.

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