BIUGED – Máy đo độ nhớt hiện kim quay 10-100,000mPa.s(cP), model BGD 151/1 , BGD 1601 10-100,000mPa.s(cP)

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BIUGED – Dial Reading Rotary Viscometer

Thương hiệu : BIUGED – TRUNG QUỐC

Xuất xứ : Trung Quốc

LIÊN HỆ MUA HÀNG: 02866525193

Dial Rotary Viscometer is used in measuring viscosity friction and absolute viscosity of liquid. It has four rotors of NO.1-4 which can be chosen to be in accordance with the viscosity of the liquid and the rotation speed. It is widely used to determine viscosity of various liquids such as oil, paint, plastic, food, medicine, adhesive, etc. It is widely applied in the field of petroleum chemistry, medicine, food, light industry, textile industry, scientific research, etc.

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