TESTEX- Máy kiểm tra nổ khí nén vải TF142C

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Thương hiệu : TESTEX – Trung Quốc

LIÊN HỆ MUA HÀNG: 02866525193

Fabric Pneumatic Bursting Tester, to determine the bursting pressure of fabrics uses pneumatic test method, including knits, woven fabric, non-woven fabric, laminated fabric and other craft-made fabric. Fabric Pneumatic Bursting Tester complies with ISO 13938-2, ASTM D3786, IWS TM29, etc. Our Burst Strength Tester is accurate and efficient when you do bursting testing. We are dependable bursting strength tester manufacturers. Welcome to contact us for Bursting Strength Tester price.

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